STEAM Dreaming Conference 2020

Event Date: 22 February 2020

Event Time: 8.45am

Event Location: CB Newling, Faulkner St, Armidale NSW

The STEAM Dreaming conference day is an inspiring opportunity to learn from the limits of human endeavour: weaving together ancient Aboriginal wisdom with cutting-edge space science and technology.

So too, the more we advance with science and technology, the more we realise the deep wisdom of Australia’s ancient and living Aboriginal culture.

With it’s glorious steampunk Dark Emu among the stars, STEAM Dreaming incorporates indigenous Australian astronomy, ecology and environmental sustainability, and explores how ancient wisdom is paving the way for Australia’s space-age future.

The inaugural STEAM Dreaming conference will be held on the 22nd of February 2020.

Three goals have been set:

  1. We would like to send 48 local kids, plus parents and teachers, to Space Camp USA in September 2020. Our vision in not just to excite students to pursue careers in science and technology, but show them that the sky is the limit – that they are capable of greatness in leadership, creative problem-solving, lateral thinking, team building and resilience.
  2. Our second vision is to inspire local businesses to using sustainability strategies, become Carbon Neutral and ultimately become the first carbon neutral CBD in Australia. Working alongside council’s and UNE’s zero30 strategy.
  3. To develop tangible, collaborative and working relationships between the academic, business and Aboriginal communities of Armidale and the New England High Country.