STEAM Dreaming 2020

STEAM Dreaming chats with ABC New England North West

ABC New England North West Breakfast Radio host Kristy Reading, chatted with STEAM Dreaming event organiser Kate Mitchell on Tuesday 4th February.

Listen to the full conversation here: – The conversation happens at 15:45-22:00

In the lead up to the STEAM Dreaming Festival Kristy was keen to hear about what was happening.

Discussions covered One Giant Leap’s Space Camp USA kids program and what kids could expect when they sign up for a Space Camp adventure; Armidale gearing up for a year of action in sustainability, being home to the first accommodation provider to be certified carbon neutral and the University of New England & Armidale Regional Council signing up to a zero30 initiative; and Aboriginal wisdom leading the conversation at the 2020 STEAM Dreaming main conference day.

Keynote speakers, published author and senior lecturer at Deakin University, Tyson Yunkaporta and 2015 NAIDOC Elder of the year and Order of Australia medalist, Veronica Perrurle Dobson AM will be presenting on the Friday night Sandtalk event as well as the Saturday the 21st panel discussion.

Tyson and Veronica will be joined with panelists, Associate Professor Karl Vernes, Dr Marty Branagan, Warlpa Thompson, Shaun Hooper, and PHD candidates Victor Briggs and Michelle McKemey (who will be accompanied by a Banbai ranger) to lead a discussion around “what ways Aboriginal Australian’s ancient wisdom and culture is relevant, meaningful and important for us here today”.

The benefits, issues and logistics of Armidale becoming carbon neutral will be discussed, with David Miron of the zero30 initiative, Mahalath Halperin of Halperin Architects, David Carr of the Armidale Tree Group, Kate Mitchell of the carbon neutral Comfort Inn City Centre Armidale, and Chris Wilson of Pangolin Associates.

Event organiser, Kate, outlined the main objective of the event as creating lasting relationships and collaborations with the academic, business and Indigenous communities and expressed that this had already been achieved in the creation of the event.

Kate said that in order for STEAM Dreaming to be successful it needed to be built on a platform of respect, in order for deep wisdom to be shared.

STEAM Dreaming is an inspiring opportunity to learn from the limits of human endeavour, weaving together ancient Aboriginal wisdom with cutting-edge space science and technology.

Listen to the full conversation here: – The conversation happens at 15:45-22:00